The era of the Quantum Mind is upon us and there has never been a better opportunity to bring your unique personal vision to the world. The Akademia was first to solve the Grand Unified Equation and identify the Seven Laws of the Quantum Mind that operate on a level above classical physics. With this knowledge has come the power to harness the incalculable processing power of your mind to create your own reality. The limitations that have held you back are a product of the old paradigm and its outdated educational system. Through the Akademia, you can lift these limitations and embark on the ultimate journey to your unique personal vision. Complete the short application below to get started!

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1. Certify your educational status from a prestigious and innovative American institute.

2. No student debt. The Akademia costs less than $100 per month, compared with the total average university cost of $138,853.

3. No book expenses.

4. No tests. Course methodology and relevance to your personal vision ensure knowledge retention.

5. No long hours of study. The Akademia curriculum requires only one hour each day, with an emphasis on quality not quantity.

6. No age limitations. If you can understand the material, The Akademia is within your grasp.

7. No commuting expenses. Study from home on your own schedule.

8. No waiting period for admission and enrollment.

9. No serious health consequences associated with the old university system, such as inadequate nutrition, exercise and sleep.

10. No dead-end job tracks with limited pay and low growth potential. Develop your unique personal vision and never have to work for someone else again.

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