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Why Akademia?

Whether you are a musician, artist, writer, filmmaker, dancer, architect, scientist or humanities scholar, your ability to reach into the ether and extract an original sound, image or idea is truly your greatest gift. The ability to do this consistently can lead to a way of life that is rich, full of beauty and awe. Akademia is dedicated to identifying and recognizing the uppermost echelon of practitioners in these fields and providing encouragement and guidance to those who are close to achieving their true potential.

Akademia is free and non-monetary.

Our currency is ideas and our reward is elevating the best of those ideas for history to study. In doing so, we hope to serve a higher purpose in the story of human civilization.


To submit your musical, artistic or scientific work to Akademia, you will need to provide us with the YouTube link to your official music video or a 3-5 minute video detailing your artistic or scientific work. Please make sure the video and audio are of high quality.

Simply complete the form below and you should receive confirmation of your submission within a few weeks. During our review, we may ask for additional information regarding your creative work. The deadline for submissions is December 31st. Each individual may submit no more than five (5) entries per calendar year.

Complete the information below and click 'Submit':   

Example: Millennium - 'Happiness' - Music

Please only click the Submit button once and wait a few moments (it will be processing).


By submitting your music, video or other creative content to Akademia, you hereby agree our Terms Of Service.






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