Akademia City is an idea whose time has come. Conceived by Akademia founders Stryker and Sapphire, Akademia City is designed to be a 100% sustainable, while offering upscale accomodations and amenities at a fraction of the normal cost. This vision started with our:

Declaration of Financial Independence

When the largest institutions in society (banking, healthcare, energy, insurance, technology, education) over a prolonged period of time conspire to pursue invariably the same objective of exploiting and enslaving the individual for the sole benefit of the wealthiest one-percent of the population, it is our right and obligation to design a new system to replace those institutions and provide new guards for our future security.

To this purpose, Akademia has revisioned the concept of a city in which:

- Housing is affordable

- Food is affordable

- Water is free

- Energy is free

- Transportation is free

- Education is free

- Healthcare is free

- Fitness is free

- Internet is free

- Homelessness is nonexistent

- Crime is nonexistent

- Carbon emissions are near-zero

- Art, music, film, literature and entertainment is thriving

While this may have sounded like a utopian dream fifty years ago, that is no longer the case. Unique economic circumstances have placed the critical factors of production within reach. Now, you might be asking yourself: Why would we go to such lengths to provide these services for free? The answer is: So you can be empowered to do what you truly love doing. Isn't it time to change the game and build your new city?"


Make A Fresh Start

Akademia is dedicated to bringing this new city into reality and we want you to be a part of this historic journey. Register now and before long, you and your family could be moving into your new townhouse, home or villa with zero money down, in a community that you helped design. Furthermore, food expenses would be minimal, and water, energy, transportation, education, healthcare, fitness and internet would be free. By matching your interests and expertise with community needs, you would be able to earn your living in Akademia city and pay off your home within a few short years. You'd also be a part of a vibrant and growing creative community that offers great amenities, entertainment and nightlife. Click here to learn more about Akademia City.

If you are interested in becoming a resident of Akademia City, be sure to register today!


About Stryker

Stryker (born Anwar Najmi) is a systems theorist who was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21. He is president and co-founder of Akademia, an organization dedicated to unlocking the full potential of people through the application of higher level principles. Stryker was the first to discover the Grand Unified Equation in physics and has also solved five of the most longstanding mysteries of mathematics. This was followed by his solution of the great economics problem in which he revealed a groundbreaking new principle - Quantum Economic Identity - which is the theoretical foundation for Akademia City's economic model. Stryker's father Mohamed was a sociology professor whose lifelong love and guidance helped inform his early views. He also shares credit for these discoveries with his wife Sapphire and daughter Milan.


Akademia City. The Future Needs A New Home.


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